How to Sell more of your Products using Jiji

Very quickly, I want to show You How You can SELL More of your Products and Services this week at no extra Costs using Jiji.

Before we jump into the process, let Me tell You a very short story that happened recently.

Last week Monday (about this time), I needed to SELL a Car.

At first, I contacted a couple of Car Dealers that I knew but their terms were outrageous.

So I thought, why not put it on Jiji? and that was exactly what I did.

Guess what? In less than 48 hours the Car was Sold.

The “Mad o” part was that, Customers kept calling Me even after I have sold the Car to ask if it was still available.

Now imagine if that is your Business?

Imagine if Customers are call 24/7 to Buy your Products and Services?

Very quickly let Me run You through how to get started with Selling on Jiji.

Getting Started with Jiji

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Registration
  3. Fill the Registration Form as shown below

4. Once You complete the registration, click on the SELL link on the Menu, Fill the Form with the Details of the Products/Service You want to sell as shown below.

They will review the Ad and once its approved, get your Phone Ready to Receive Calls from Customers.

If You are New to Jiji, You need to Register to start posting your Products.

These are the steps;
There You have it.

I wish You Profits in your Business this week
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