Revealed: 5 Proven (Free) Ways to Sell Online in 2021 even if You don’t have a Website.

You have Products and Services You want to SELL online But You don’t have budgets for a Website yet?
Worry No More.
We  are about to show You 5 ways You can start selling online immediately.
Without further ado, Here are 5 ways You can start Selling Online (in less than 10 minutes) Even If You dont own a website.

1. Sell on #Konga

You already know Konga.. maybe You dont know that most products You see on the Konga website are from people like You.
Your Products can be sold there too.
Click this link to get started.

2. Sell on #Jumia

If You know Konga, You should know Jumia too (They are the Messi and Ronaldo of the Nigerian e-commerce space).
You can have You products for sale on Jumia too
Click this link to get started.

3. Sell on #Jiji

Jiji is more peer-to-peer than Konga and Jumia.. meaning they link the Buyers directly with You. Visit to get started.

4. Sell on #ListBuy

You might not know ListBuy but they are doing a great work in the Lord’s vineyard..
A trial will convince You.. Click this link to get started.

5. Sell on #Paystack

Paystack doesn’t just help You collect Money, they help You Sell too… setup an account on today
Take my FREE Course to learn how to setup your Paystack store in 10 minutes. Click this link…/how-to-receive…/
If You dont like building your mansion on rented land…
I mean any of these services can “Donald Trump” You in the future.
We can help You with a proprietary e-commerce website around your budget. Visit to see some mouth watering deals.
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